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Hp Magic Giveaway – Living in Theory

Posted on: December 11, 2008

If i were to win this competition i would firstly be over excited and overwhelmed, because i have won nothing in my life. Besides i have had an extremely bad year since the beginning, firstly we were asked to leave our house, so we needed to leave immediately, then in June my father passed away because of cancer, then 2 months later my aunt passed away, she slipped and fell in the bathroom, then again 2 months later i lost my job. So my winning this it would really make me and my family happy, and before this year ends it will make our Christmas special. I would also share this with children of the Don Bosco Boarding School, their are appox around 6 to 7 boys here who have not much in life and life has nothing to offer them, i want them to have a laptop so they can learn about computers. Secondly i would like my wife to have the HP Mini, cause she is doing a 4 month course in Sales & Marketing and at the moment she is writing everything down on paper which is a difficult to manage so much of it. The Movies i would like to give to my cuz cause they love kung fu pander.

December 9th 2008
I was rushed to the hospital, as i had severe pain on the left kidney of mine, i was hospitalized, Reports showed i had gastric pains as well as the ultrasound showed that my left kidney had an infection, i was in like fading pain for 2 days. Im better now, but very afraid of the pain coming back.

Bad things just keep happening to me i hate this year so much, and want to see a bright and sunny side.


Thank you.

Peter Franco


21 Responses to "Hp Magic Giveaway – Living in Theory"

Peter, this seems almost too much to bare. What line of work are you in? I wish you blessings and christmas miracles this season.


it is indeed to much for my and my family, i work as a web/graphic Designer. i still cant get over the fact that my dad is gone, this is just some of the problems that i mentioned in my post, i also forgot to mention that i was robbed of $8000 of a Client and till today he keeps promising me he will give my funds for the work i did, i cant do anything at all, as my funds are depleting. So i really hope i win this Christmas, more than that i would really like to help these kid,s the smiles that would bring to their face is priceless, and i cant explain the feeling one would get in their heart seeing them so happ, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanx and god bless


Such tough times. Blessings to you and yours, and good luck!

Awesome writing man, it sucks to see that so many people need these computers.

you are really going through a rough spell, how great that you are thinking of others! good luck with the job search and your wife’s studies!

Peter, thank you for coming by and commenting today. I wish you the best of luck in the contest and in the new year.

ur welcome i liked to support everyone, and wished that everyone gets a computer, but then again thats only a dream of mine, good luck to you.

Peter, I hope the new year brings you ample opportunity and much happiness. Best of luck to you in this contest, too!!

Wow what an incredibly challenging year you have experienced. I wish you much luck and joy in 2009 – good luck in the contest!

Peter, wow, it does sound like you have been through some tough times. Hoping for miracles for you and your family.. and some HP magic.

thanx im hoping too so much that the next year is a much better one than this year. And i very much hope so to win, cause im really longing to have some sort of happy feelings before this years ends and that i start out the new year with a smile on my face.

Peter, first let me say I am sorry for your loss(es). While I can’t completely relate, I can sympathize with the feeling of when it rains it pours. The good news? Most often, there is a rainbow and sunshine after the storm and life is so much more beautiful because of it. The blue skies we find seem so much bluer than before the storm came. The sun seems to shine so bright that it nearly hurts our eyes. And why? Because of knowing its opposite. I know that doesn’t bring immediate peace or joy, but if I could give you a gift this season it would be the gift of hope—hope knowing that things will look up and the sun will shine once again even though in the midst of the storm it may be hard to imagine. People tried to tell me this in the midst of some of my most difficult struggles and I didn’t believe it could be true. Now, I can say it is. Life is good and gets better with experience. Peace to you and your family during this difficult time.



thank you so much, i really appreciate people like you who help and tell us that their is hope, cause i dont get any support at all. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family

Best of luck, Peter… and thanks for stopping by my blog!

THings have a way of working out, Peter. My family is struggling with unemployment too, I know how difficult it can be. Don’t underestimate how powerful a positive attitude and a belief in yourself can be! Hang tough and know there ARE people that care! Good luck with the contest.

My dad is in his 90s – I feel your loss. Best of luck.

Peter, what a tragic year you have had! I’m so sorry for your loss. Both of my parents have been gone for some time, and I still miss them every day! I wish for you a wonderful 2009 and hope you achieve your dreams. May you find a fantastic job! Best of luck to you in the contest.

all the best peter…

When is rains it seems to pour doesn’t it.. I don’t know if you are religious but I have always found comfort in Romans 8:28..God bless your and yours

Don’t give up. There’s something about all that sadness and suffering that’s supposed to be redeemable, I think. Maybe through this contest, maybe not, but you would be a worthy recipient. Thanks for sharing from the heart about how you would share, and about where you need healing!

I know how it feels to lose a house. Me and my family had to move out of a house that we lived in for 14 years, and it wasn’t easy for me. I hope you win.

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