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HP Magic Giveaway Contest Entry – Techie Diva

Posted on: December 11, 2008

If i were to win this competition i would firstly he over excited and overwhelmed, because i have won nothing in my life. Besides i have had an extremely bad year since the beginning, firstly we were asked to leave our house, so we need to leave our house immediately, then in June my father passed away because of cancer, then 2 months later my aunt passed away, she slipped and fell in the bathroom, then again 2 months later i lost my job.  So my winning this it would really make me happy.  The people i would share this is with children of the  Don Bosco Boarding School, their are appox around 6 to 7 boys here who have not much in life and life has nothing to offer them, i want them to have a laptop so they can learn about computers. Secondly  i would like my wife to have the HP Mini, cause she is doing a 4 month course in Sales & Marketing and at the moment she is writing everything down on paper which is a difficult to manage so much of it. The Movies i would like to give to my cuz cause they love kung fu pander.

So lets hope for the best

Thank you.

Peter Franco


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